A native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Lee Plotkin had his first purchasing management experience at age 8 negotiating supplier costs for citrus and sugar for his lemonade stand. The lure of the hospitality/food service industry proved strong, and Plotkin spent six years after high school as a waiter, bartender and restaurant manager. He then decided to make his career choice complete by pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science degree from the School of Hotel Administration at Cornell University.

After graduation, Plotkin honed his purchasing expertise working for companies such as Hilton Hotels, Harvey Hotels, La Madeleine Bakeries & Cafés and FootAction USA. In 2001, Plotkin founded L.P.Enterprises, Inc. with the desire to help growing restaurant companies find cost savings in their purchasing and supply programs. His company has flourished as more start-ups and emerging brands recognize the value of outsourcing purchasing functions; and independents as well as chain restaurant companies understand how a separate set of expert eyes can reveal opportunities for cost savings.

Plotkin is a long-time member of the Institute of Supply Management (formerly National Association of Purchasing Management) and the Texas Restaurant Association/Greater Dallas Restaurant Association. When not achieving client cost savings, he might be found bicycling around the metroplex, testing the best beef grilling methodology or analyzing pinot noirs with family and friends at his home in Dallas.